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Links to Articles about Reading/Writing (Common Core)

  • Educational Leadership: Reading: The Core Skill: Every Child, Every Day.  Here, we outline six elements of instruction that every child should experience every day. Each of these elements can be implemented in any district and any school, with any curriculum or set of materials, and without additional funds. All that's necessary is for adults to make the decision to do it.
  • Educational Leadership: Reading: The Core Skill: Taming the Wild Text From my observations at the Children's Village and my decades of work with vulnerable readers, I have built a top-10 list for how teachers can create a classroom culture that ensures that all students fall in love with reading. From that love, students will build reading muscles for lifelong strength. Through these actions, we can help each struggling reader arm himself or herself for the joys of engaging with the wild thing of printed text—and taming it.
  • Educational Leadership: Reading: The Core Skill: Inspiring a Nonreader Jonah came to us in 5th grade refusing to read, write, or do much of anything. A major challenge in class, he sported an odd indentation on his forehead from regularly banging his head against his desk. He had been assigned to participate in a half-day behavior program; the other half of the day he spent with us.




  • The World is Flat (Friedman)
  • The Global Achievement Gap (Wagner)
  • Beyond Monet (Bennett)
  • Never Work Harder Than Your Students (Jackson)
  • Leading Lesson Study (Stepanek)
  • Boy Writer’s (Fletcher)
  • Catching Up or Leading the Way (Zhao)
  • Looking to Write (Ehrenworth)
  • Practical Poetry (Holbrook)
  • The Art and Science of Teaching (Marzano)
  • Checking for Understanding (Fisher)
  • 7 Keys to Comprehension (Zimmerman)
  • Results Now (Schmoker)
  • Comprehension Connections (McGregor)

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