Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mentor Text Project

Fountas and Pinnell write, "Rather than picking up a book because it is 'good for teaching inference,' you'll want to decide what you want to teach and then look at any good text through that lens--that's basic to teaching readers rather than teaching texts."

However, many teachers are asking for such resources because planning time is scarce. So, how about we all chip in and put together a quick-look resource?

If each teacher filled out the form below just once, we would have around 2,500 entries in no time. We'll take the data and collate it here -- you will be able to look up a book by literary element, genre, unit of study, author, or title. Pretty cool, right?

Click the green button to begin. It takes about 37.4 seconds per book.
You can use this link as many times as you are willing!

Or use this direct link (better for tablets/phones):

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