Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Holy Common Core Resources, Batman!

Have you seen the onslaught of amazing and free Common Core resources on the HCSchools site? Check this out:

  • Common Core Scoring Rubrics by grade level (I'm not making this up.)      [Getting ready for report cards, K-2?]
  • Student-Friendly "I Can..." Statements by grade level (I know you've seen these, but what if you lose them? Look! They're right here!)
  • An Alignment of Common Core Standards and the Literacy Continuum by grade level (This is absolutely true!)
  • Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks (I know! Right?!)
  • Tons of cool things like Text Complexity Bookmarks, Qualitative Rubrics for looking at texts, and Essential Questions! (Crazy!)
These are all at > and then click on the Standards tab. (Or just click here.)

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